Krémes/ Pourédes (Creams/Purees)



Yogurt cream with garlic
4.00 €


Pureed potatoes with garlic
3.50 €


Fry cream
4.50 €


Tuna puree
4.50 €


Savory sheep's cheese puree
4.50 €


Eggplant cream with garlic
4.50 €

Mezedakia (Appetizer)



Giant beans in tomato sauce (cold)
3.50 €


Grilled red pepper with zaziki (cold)
4.50 €

Kafteri Piperia

Spicy peppers from the grill (cold)
3.70 €

Piperies Tiganites

Spicy peppers from the pan (warm)
4.30 €

Melintzanes Tiganites

Fried eggplants (warm)
4.50 €

Kolokithakia Tiganita

Fried zucchini (warm)
4.50 €


Two salmon and zucchini cream cheese rolls on tomato sauce (cold)
6.70 €


Homemade stuffed vine leaves with Zaziki (cold)
4.50 €

Dolmadakia me Giaourti

Homemade stuffed grape leaves with rice and minced pork (warm) with yoghurt sauce (cold)
7 €


Fried zucchini patties (warm)
5.8 €

Manitaria Boutiro

Giant mushrooms with garlic butter (warm)
4.90 €

Elies/ Piperies

Olives and / or hot peppers
3.20 €


Tomato and feta cubes on toasted bread
3.50 €

Oktapodi Lemonato

Octapus in olive oil and vinegar
6.50 €

Tyriá (Cheese variations)


Flogeres Feta

Homemade puff pastry rolls with feta
4.50 €


fried Greek hard cheese from the pan
5.50 €


Feta cheese with onions and olive oil
5.50 €

Feta Saganaki

Baked feta cheese
6.00 €

Feta tou Fournou

Feta cheese in foil with fresh onions, tomatoes and olive oil (spicy)
6.90 €

Halloumi Tiganito

Baked halloumi with a sweet sour dip
7.10 €

Halloumi Psito

Grilled halloumi with spicy sauce
7.10 €

Feta me Soussami

Baked feta cheese in a sesame with dip
7.10 €


Spicy feta cheese in a clay pot
6.50 €

Katsikisio Tiganito

Baked goat cheese on salad bed with honey
9.00 €

Salates (Salad variations)



Beetroot salad with garlic
4.00 €


Boiled endive dandelion salad (cold)
4.00 €


Greek style cole slaw
3.80 €


Green salad with lemon olive oil dressing
3.60 €


Peasant salad with feta, olives and hot peppers
7.80 €


Tomato and cucumber salad with onions
5.50 €

Rucola Salat

Salad with rucola, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
9.20 €

Ouzeri Salat

Mixed salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, chicken-stripes, onion, capers, olives, hot peperoni and Feta cheese
11.90 €

Orektika Piáta (Appetizers plate)


Pikilia Orektika

Large mixed starter plate
10.80 €

Pikilia Kremes

Various cream and puree specialties
9.50 €

Meze Bekris

Large starter plate with salmon and zucchini rolls, stuffed egg with ktipiti, scampi, zaziki, tarama with shrimp and orange pieces, tuna purée and octopus salad
11.80 €

Ouzeri Meze

11.80 €

Prosfágia (Side dishes)


Patates Tiganites

Fresh fried potato sticks
3.40 €

Patates Fournou Ntomata

Baked potatoes with tomato sauce
3.50 €

Patates Fournou Lemonates

Baked potatoes with lemon sauce
3.50 €


Long-grain noodles from the oven
3.50 €

Pilafi Risi

Tomato rice from the oven
3.50 €


Green beans in tomato sauce
3.90 €

Spanaki me Skordo

Fresh leaf spinach from the pan with garlic
4.00 €


Fresh Mediterranean vegetables
4.00 €

Plaki Gigantes

Broad beans in tomato sauce in clay pot
3.80 €

Tis Soúvlas (Roast from the spit grill) without side dishes


Arni Mbouti

Leg of lamb with mountain herbs spiced with spit (natural with crispy skin)
8.99 €

Kreatiká (Meat dishes) without side dishes



Sliced ​​pork kebab with onions
5.70 €


4 skewers of pork neck with fat edge
6.40 €


3 grilled minced pork rolls from the pig
6.20 €

Loukaniko Psito

Farmers sausage from the grill
6.50 €

Arni Souvlaki

2 skewers of lamb steak
12.90 €

Kotopoulo Filetto

Grilled chicken breast fillet
6.50 €

Tigania Chirino

Roasted pork neck cubes with fat edge
6.50 €

Sikoti Tiganito

Liver pans with onions
5.90 €

Sikoti Psito

Grilled beef liver with fried onions
6.70 €


2 lamb chops from the grill (from lamb's rack)
7.90 €

Pikilia Kreatika

Meat specialties from the grill (giros, suzuki, farmer's sausage and souvlaki)
11.30 €

Pikilia Ouzeri

Meat specialties from the grill (Giros, Bifteki filled with feta, lamb chops and pork fillet)
14.60 €

Bifteki Gemisto

Pork stuffed with feta
8.90 €

Menu Parea

without fish ( prices per person )
20.00 €

Menu Parea me Psariká

with fish ( prices per person )
25.00 €

Tou Foúrnou (Pot and oven) without side dishes



Eggplant casserole with minced meat, bechamel sauce and cheese
8.90 €


Pasta casserole with minced meat, bechamel sauce and cheese
8.90 €

Keftedakia Smyrnas

Minced meat rolls in spicy tomato sauce
6.99 €


Lamb goulash in clay pot
8.90 €

Psariká (Fish dishes) without side dishes



fried anchovies
6.70 €

Oktapodi Skaras

Grilled octapus (octopus arms)
8.90 €

Kalamaraki Tiganito

Baked squid
6.90 €

Garides Skordates

6 scampi with garlic in a pan (fired with head and tail)
10.90 €

Garides Psites

6 grilled prawns on a skewer (initiated with head and tail)
10.20 €

Garides Tiganites

Grilled scampi 1 kilogram (about 18-20 pieces)
29.90 €

Garides Saganaki

Scampi in spicy tomato feta sauce
10.90 €

Fresh fish with salad


Dorade Royal

from the lava stone grill
17.90 €

Loup de Mer

from the lava stone grill
17.90 €

Calamaris tubes

from the pan
15.50 €