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Tyria (Cheeses)

Tyria (Cheeses)end-title
Flogeres Feta
Eur 4,50
Homemade puff pastry with feta
Eur 5,40
Floured greek hard cheese from the pan
Eur 4,80
Feta nature with onions and olive oil
Feta Saganaki
Eur 5,20
Baked feta cheese
Feta tou Fournou
Eur 6,20
Feta cheese in foil with fresh onions, tomatoes and olive oil (spicy)
Halloumi Tiganito
Eur 6,80
Fried halloumi with sweet sour dip
Halloumi Psito
Eur 6,80
Grilled halloumi with spicy sauce
Feta me Soussami
Eur 6,80
Baked feta cheese with sesame with dip
Eur 5,70
Spicy feta cheese ina clay pot
Eur 4,90
Cheese croquettes (warm)
Katsikisio Tiganito
Eur 8,90
Baked goeat cheese on a bed of lettuce