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16:00 - open end

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12:00 - open end

Psariká (Fish) without supplement

Psariká (Fish) without supplementend-title
Eur 5,70
Fried anchovies
Oktapodi Skaras
Eur 6,20
Grilled octopus (octopus arms)
Kalamaraki Tiganito
Eur 6,20
Fried calamari
Garides Skordates
Eur 10,20
6 scampi with garlic in a small pan (triggered with head & tail)
Garides Tiganites
Eur 29,90
Grilled scampi 1 Kg (18 - 20 pieces)
Garides Saganaki
Eur 10,50
Scampi in a spicy tomato and feta sauce
Garides Krema
Eur 13,20
6 scampi (triggered with head & tail) in a creamy white wine sauce with zucchini and fresh mushrooms