New Opening times:

Monday to Friday
16:00 - open end

Saturday Sunday
12:00 - open end

Mezedakia (Appetizer)

Mezedakia (Appetizer)end-title
Eur 2,90
Giant beans in tomato sauce (cold)
Eur 3,90
Grilled red peppers with zaziki (cold)
Kafteri Piperia
Eur 2,70
Hot peppers grilled (cold)
Piperies Tiganites
Eur 3,90
Mild hot peppers fron the pan (warm)
Melintzanes Tiganites
Eur 3,90
Roasted eggplant (warm)
Kolokithakia Tiganita
Eur 3,90
Fried zucchini (warm)
Eur 6,20
Each pair of salmon and courgette cream cheese rolls with tomato sauce (cold)
Eur 4,20
Homemade stuffed grape leaves to zaziki (cold)
Dolmadakia me Giaourti
Eur 6,90
Homemade stuffed vine leaves with rice and minced pork (hot) with yogurt sauce (cold)
Eur 4,90
Fried zucchini meatballs (warm)
Manitaria Boutiro
Eur 4,20
Giant mushrooms with garlic butter (warm)
Elies/ Piperies
Eur 2,80
Olives and / or hot peppers
Eur 3,00
Tomato and feta cubes on toasted bread
Oktapodi Lemonato
Eur 5,90
Oktapus in olive oil and vinega