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Monday to Friday
16:00 - open end

Saturday Sunday
12:00 - open end

Kreatiká (Meat without supplement)

Kreatiká (Meat without supplement)end-title
Eur 5,20
Pork on a skewer with onions
Eur 5,40
4 skewer of pork with fat edge
Eur 5,20
3 grilled minced meat rolls from pork
Loukaniko Psito
Eur 5,80
Spicy farmer sausage grilled
Arni Souvlaki
Eur 9,90
2 skewers of lamb steak
Kotopoulo Filetto
Eur 6,20
Grilled chicken breast
Tigania Chirino
Eur 6,30
Fried pork cubes with fat edge
Sikoti Tiganito
Eur 5,80
Liver in a small pan with onions
Sikoti Psito
Eur 5,70
Grilled beef liver with fried onions
Eur 7,40
2 lamb chops grilled (from rack of lamb)
Pikilia Kreatika
Eur 10,50
Grilled meat (Giros, suzuki, farmer sausage and souvlaki)
Pikilia Ouzeri
Eur 14,50
Grilled meat (Giros, bifteki stuffed with feta, lamb chops and pork)
Bifteki Gemisto
Eur 8,50
Stuffed with feta pork cutlet
Menu Parea
Eur 20,00
"Saturated" with no fish (see front page)
Menu Parea me Psariká
Eur 25,00
"Fed up" with fish (see front page)